Impero class:room has a host of features which you can use to manage the devices of your students:

  • Send Message – Send a direct one way message to a device 
  • Launch Website – Open a web site on a device automatically 
  • Lock Screens – Lock the screen of an app 
  • Internet Access – Disable internet access inside an app 
  • Website Lists – Enforce allow and block website lists 
  • Close Tab – View open browser tabs lists and close open tabs 

To use any of these features, you first need to select the device which you wish to apply the feature to.

Selecting a single device

1. You will need to view a group of devices first.

2. Then click the small circle in the top-right of the device thumbnail.

3. A tick will appear in the circle and a blue overlay will be shown over the thumbnail

Selecting multiple devices

Multiple devices can be selected by clicking each device thumbnail in turn.

Deselecting devices

To deselect a device, click the tick and it will be deselected.

Selecting/deselecting all devices

To select all devices click the 'Select All' button.

To deselect all devices click the 'Select None' button.