As part of a customer's Support contract with Impero Software, a customer can request to either join a webinar, participate in a scoped training session that meets the customer's needs or inquire about an onsite visit by a member of the training & resources team. 

Below will explain how to log a request for training with our training & resources team: 

  1.  Navigate to the training page on our website 
  2. Once on the training page on the right side, you will be presented with a details box under "Book your training session". Please enter your establishment details to successfully log a training request. 
  3. If you would like to request a "Remote Training" or an "Onsite Training" session (consultancy fee discussed with your account manager) please tick the boxes for the type of training you would like. The options are as followed "Online Safety", "Classroom Management", "Network Management" or "Safeguarding". 
  4.  If you would like a Remote Training session or an Onsite Visit, it would be helpful for you to enter what you would like to cover in the training within the "Description of your training requirements" box. 
  5. When logging a training request you will have the ability to join one of our training webinars. In the webinars we cover our "Series C" browser-based consoles named "EdTeach", "EdProtect", "EdAdmin" & "EdAware". We run seven webinars spaced around the working week. 
  6. Select submit to log the training request. 

Once a training request has been logged a member of the Sales team or the training & resources department will be in contact to scope the appropriate training you have requested.