Two-factor authentication (sometimes known as two-step authentication) is a security measure that requires two pieces of information to access a system - "something you know", like your password, and "something you have", like your telephone.

When accessing more sensitive information, just having a password isn't secure enough. Someone could guess the password, or make lots of attempts to access your account. 

In EdAware we use two-factor authentication to make sure the correct person is accessing more secure areas of the system, generally to view Child Protection concerns and to access to Administration. You will need to set up an authenticator on your phone or tablet.

When you need to view a Child Protection Concern you can log in using your email address and password. Then use the authenticator app to access a One-Time Passcode when prompted. This prevents someone who finds out or guesses your password from accessing your account unless they've also got your phone.

These codes expire after a short period of time, so it also cannot be reused.

To setup Google Authenticator, first search for "Google Authenticator" from the App Store (if you are using an iPhone) or the Play Store (if you are using an Android phone). Install and open the application.

Click on Begin Setup then on Scan Barcode.

Scan the barcode displayed on your screen. Enter the six-digit code that is on your phone in this field and click Continue:

You will then have access to EdAware. In the future, you will be asked twice a day, or when you switch computer, to repeat the last step - open Google Authenticator, type the six-digit code into the field, and press Continue.